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A range of exclusive Cooks Shed products made by Marty, available for purchase when you attend your next event! 

Apple Cider Vinegar 
Produced using traditional methods from the freshest, locally sourced apples. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and additive free. This vinegar will improve with age as the 'mother of vinegar' culture develops. 

Tomato & Eggplant Relish 
Great with grilled or bbq meats, on roasted vegetables or as a sandwich condiment.

Raw Honey 
Bush honey from Native flowering gum, quite floral, delicious in desserts or on its own.

Chilli Jam 
Use as a dipping sauce or add some fresh lime juice for a delicious salad dressing or spoon over grilled chicken or seafood. Also great as a stir fry sauce.

Yellowbean Soy
Use as a dipping sauce or a base to noodle or rice stir fries. Add to chicken or fish stock for an easy poaching liquor or simple soup. Pour over whole fish and baste while roasting.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Produced from regionally grown fruit, picked at optimal ripeness and cold pressed within hours. This green, grassy oil is beautifully balanced and perfect for salad dressing, bread dipping or as a finishing oil. 

Sweet Soy Mirin Dressing
Use as an Asian salad dressing, spoon over ice-cold oysters or use as a dipping sauce, fantastic with salt and pepper squid.

Cooks Shed Candle 
Small $35.00 | Large $65.00
In collaboration with The Raconteur, this candle has a zesty opening of lemon and bergamot followed by a crisp herbaceous trio of basil, rosemary and thyme, the top notes linger with a refreshing greeting of native eucalyptus. The heart notes quietly reveal themselves with the soothing tones of green tea and jasmine before giving way to the rich warm embrace of tanka bean, oakmoss and labdanum.